Making Yards


Since 1932

Our Core Values

Our seven core values are the guiding principles that dictate our company’s behaviors and actions.  They act as the standards by which we make key decisions.

1) Live the mantra – Making Impacts

As an employer, we need to make a positive impact on every employee.  This means that we hire, retain, invest in, and provide opportunity to employees that fit our culture.  We will offer these employees a fun, safe, and rewarding environment.  We will compete on proficiency and productivity and not on compensation.  We will support our employees’ passions outside of work, because this will help fuel their passions at work.

Our employees need to make a positive impact on every customer.  This is accomplished by providing consistent service and high quality products.  With each opportunity, we need to exceed our customers’ expectations, even when there is a perception gap.  Customers exist on both side of every transaction and therefore, suppliers and employees need be treated with this same level of respect.

 We will make an impact on the communities that we service by working together.

 When we make positive impacts on each person we touch, profitability will be a byproduct. 

2) Act with integrity

We will be honest, reliable, and humble in all situations – including those situations when we aren’t being watched.

3) Preserve a long-term focus

The only way to insure our preservation is by preserving a long-term view of the big picture.  We will consistently look beyond today.  We will invest time into doing things right each opportunity we have and we will invest money into providing necessary tools and training.  We will act like a world class organization because we strive to be one.

4) Make objective decisions

We will make decision based on facts.  Details are vital.  Knowledge sharing across the organization is instrumental.  We will not fear the risks we take, because we know that we are taking the right ones.

 5) Rely on successful systems

Employees who fit our culture will do their best work when empowered.  Empowerment works best by setting and communicating clear expectations and allowing employees to operate within those boundaries.  Our expectations will be encompassed within processes and systems that consistently produce exceptional results.  These systems will remain successful through constant adaptation and improvement.

 6) Continue growing

We will model ourselves after success, but will not bind ourselves to what others do.  We will innovate.  We will never assume to know the answers.  We will continuously learn through training, by maintaining an open mindset, and most importantly, by providing each other honest and frequent feedback.  We will never be content.

 7) Stay small

We will maintain a small company mindset.  We will remain agile, flexible, efficient, and cost-conscious.  We will support visionaries, encourage dreamers, and let passions energize us.  We are here to serve others, not ourselves.  We will live by our mantra and our values.

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