Currently closed. We'll be open tomorrow from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Currently closed. We'll be open tomorrow from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Community Room

Located within our main retail building, the Community Room is available free of charge for your next event (based upon availability).

This versatile space seats up to 36 and features six large tables with seating for twenty-four, with additional chairs and multiple table layouts possible to accommodate your group’s needs. A large smart TV equipped with streaming and HDMI capability is also available for presentations or entertainment. Please ask for assistance if you need help maneuvering any tables.

Room Features at a Glance

  • Large tables with seating for 24
  • Streaming and HDMI capability on a large smart TV
  • No deposits or fees associated with the room
  • Coffee bar available during normal retail hours
  • Food and beverages allowed, including alcoholic beverages
  • Water bottle refill station available
  • Ample parking, including handicap parking
  • Main entrance and exit door located in the front middle of the retail building

Frequently Asked Questions

Fee / Deposit

The Community Room is one of our many contributions back to our community. At this time there are no deposits or fees associated with the Community Room.

Certain bookings may conclude after our normal scheduled retail hours. In the event this occurs the doors will automatically lock from the outside. Your group may exit without any issues. Should you need to regain access please have another member of your group grant access.

We kindly as that your group utilizes the parking in front of the retail building. We have ample parking, including handicap to accommodate your group. Your main entrance and exit door is the door with the overhang located in the front middle of the retail building.

Our coffee bar will be open during normal retail hours. If your group is interested in a carafe of coffee please inquire for pricing. We also have the option of opening a group tab for the duration of your event.

You are allowed to bring in any food of your choosing from a caterer or your own homemade goodies. In terms of beverages, we do permit alcoholic beverages onsite. They are not allowed to be sold in any way to members of your group. We do have a water bottle refill station located in between the restrooms for your water needs.

Restrooms are located inside the main retail building to the left of our coffee bar down the small hallway.

At this time we prohibit any adhesive of any type on the walls. Due to the higher humidity levels in the building from the houseplants, adhesive has a tendency to peel the paint off the walls. Please feel free to decorate the tables, fireplace area, wagon wheel lights. You may tape decorations on the windows and door. We kindly ask you to refrain from any glitter or confetti. Open flames are prohibited. If you are doing any type of crafting activity that uses paint or glue of any kind we kindly ask that you cover the tables. We do not provide table coverings at this time.

There is a dial located near the door to adjust the overhead music. You may have the volume to the level you desire. The music station cannot be changed as it is attached to the music played in the main retail area. Should you like to play your own music you may bring in a bluetooth speaker to use in the room.

You have full access to the lighting in the Community Room. The lighting switches are located on the wall near the door. We kindly ask that you turn all the lights off at the conclusion of your event.

Our wonderful fireplace is a steam fireplace. It does not emit heat but provides a wonderful showpiece for your group with a light steam smoke and crackling sound effect. The control for this is a small black remote placed near the center of the logs. To turn on and off simply hit the circular power button on the remote. We kindly ask you turn off the fireplace at the conclusion of your event.

There is a trash receptacle in the Community Room for your use. Should you need this taken out during your event please let an associate know. We kindly ask that all trash or unwanted decorations be placed in the receptacle at the conclusion of your event. We will take care of the rest!

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