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Meet the professionals at Van Zeeland Nursery & Landscape.

Steve Van Ryzin bio photo
Steve Van Ryzin

Steve Van Ryzin (Senior Landscape Designer)

Steve is a lifelong resident of the Fox Valley.  His landscaping career path began at the age of 15 when his freshman “career survey” pointed him towards ‘Landscape Architect.’  That ultimately led him to pursue the B.S. in Horticulture that he received from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

He has been with Van Zeeland Nursery since March of 1988.  He began as Installation Crew Foreman which prepared him well for his subsequent transition into Landscape Design.  He has a passion for the unique and unusual conifers that we offer and loves to introduce them to his customers while creating their personalized Landscape Design. 

He enjoys being a part of Van Zeeland’s growth and also loves to pass on his passion for plants and design to the “next generation” while we continue to provide the beauty that great landscaping can bring.

Jared bio photo
Jared Schroeder

Jared Schroeder (Senior Landscape Designer)

Jared is a landscape Designer and ISA Certified Arborist here at Van Zeeland Nursery.  He graduated with a degree in Landscape Design and later received his certification in Arboriculture, Urban Forestry, and Landscape Maintenance.  He’s had the pleasure of working at the nursery and on landscape installation crews since 2015.  He moved into the Landscape Designer position in 2017 and looks forward to meeting and working with you to beautify your yard!

Bonnie bio photo
Bonnie Reichert

Bonnie Reichert (Senior Landscape Designer)

Bonnie has been a resident of the Fox Valley since 2018, spending her time previously in Madison and calling the Sheboygan area her home. She has a strong passion for design and a deep love of plants, including being a self-proclaimed “plant nerd.” Her love of gardening started at a young age with her parents being a strongly influencing this passion. With that direction, she went to college and earned a B.S. Horticulture and B.S. Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been working in the green industry since 2006. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping customers create their dream landscapes. She sees every client as a friend and neighbor, wanting to help them have their own unique landscape to call their own, always finding a balance between functionality and fun.

Corey bio photo
Corey Joy

Corey Joy (Garden Center Manager)

Corey has been a current resident of the Fox Valley for over 20 years. He enjoys being outdoors and surrounded by nature. Pursuing his love for the outdoors and for plants, he obtained a degree in horticulture. He started working in the green industry in 2004 in nursery operations and transitioned into a landscape crew. A couple years later he missed the nursery and garden center and decided to pursue a career in management. He has enjoyed it ever since.  With many years of experience in garden center management, he likes keeping up with current garden trends. One of his favorite things about being in the green industry is working with the public – sharing his knowledge and experiences amongst the gardening community.

Nursery and Landscape Crew

In the Nursery, our team is responsible for the maintenance and care (including watering, insect and disease control, and pruning) of all plants in the Nursery; upkeep of plant displays; maintenance of the Nursery yard and facilities; as well as providing design, plant and installation expertise to all of our valued customers that shop at the Nursery. If this staff does not know the answers, or does not have the time to assist a customer, they will find a Landscape Designer or Management individual that may know the answer or have the time to help.

As for the Landscape Crew, our team will be split into several smaller, more efficient teams and work on removal and/or installation projects that are coordinated by a Landscape Designer. By assigning a specific crew to a Designer for most of the year, we are able to ensure that this Team understands the wants and needs of those customers who have entrusted us to perform work in their yards. In addition to performing all of the required landscaping tasks at the highest level of craftsmanship, these individuals will always do their best to minimize impact on a customer’s previously finished landscape. The landscaping foreman will also review all plant care and maintenance with a customer prior to leaving, as well as answer any other questions that a customer may have.

In addition to all of the above responsibilities, the Nursery and Landscape Crews will also perform all mulch, soil, sand and plant deliveries that have been scheduled at the Nursery.

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