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Meet the professionals at Van Zeeland Nursery & Landscape.

Joe Meulemans

Joe Meulemans (Senior Landscape Designer)

Joe, along with his wife, Sandy, have lived in the Fox Valley their entire lives, with the exception of college.

Having always enjoyed being outdoors, Joe began working for Van Zeeland Nursery & Landscape as a seasonal employee.  Upon graduating college, his employment at Van Zeeland Nursery and Landscape continued, but in a permanent position as a Landscape Designer.

Some things that Joe enjoys about being a Landscape Designer and a long-term employee of Van Zeeland’s include:

  1. the friendships that have developed and the relationships that have been built with both clients and co-workers;
  2. guiding clients, both new and existing, to solutions for their landscape problems, and ways to enhance their homes/property;
  3. working with clients as their families and lifestyles change, requiring them to either change their existing landscape, or to change their home;
  4. working with successive generations within the same family; and
  5. creating beautifully unique landscapes that bring enjoyment and fulfillment of the wants and needs of clients.
Steve Van Ryzin


Steve is a lifelong resident of the Fox Valley who discovered his passion for Gardening and Landscape Design as a teenager. He started gardening and yard work for a neighbor, who became his mentor. This inspired him to pursue horticulture in college, and he received his B.S. in Horticulture from UW-Madison.

Steve began working for Van Zeeland Nursery in March, 1988. His first position as an Installation Crew Foreman prepared him for the transition into Landscape Design. Being on the crew not only allowed him the luxury of learning all the details of a design from the ground up, but also gave him the satisfaction of seeing the real “before and after” of each project. Since 1990, Steve has enjoyed working with homeowners to develop a personalized Landscape Design that suits their individual taste, style and budget.

Nursery and Landscape Crew

In the Nursery, our team is responsible for the maintenance and care (including watering, insect and disease control, and pruning) of all plants in the Nursery; upkeep of plant displays; maintenance of the Nursery yard and facilities; as well as providing design, plant and installation expertise to all of our valued customers that shop at the Nursery. If this staff does not know the answers, or does not have the time to assist a customer, they will find a Landscape Designer or Management individual that may know the answer or have the time to help.

As for the Landscape Crew, our team will be split into several smaller, more efficient teams and work on removal and/or installation projects that are coordinated by a Landscape Designer. By assigning a specific crew to a Designer for most of the year, we are able to ensure that this Team understands the wants and needs of those customers who have entrusted us to perform work in their yards. In addition to performing all of the required landscaping tasks at the highest level of craftsmanship, these individuals will always do their best to minimize impact on a customer’s previously finished landscape. The landscaping foreman will also review all plant care and maintenance with a customer prior to leaving, as well as answer any other questions that a customer may have.

In addition to all of the above responsibilities, the Nursery and Landscape Crews will also perform all mulch, soil, sand and plant deliveries that have been scheduled at the Nursery.

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